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Missões dos Segredos escondidos!

quest 1 : Island Investigation Mission

Collect {total} pairs of Marsh Boots, to wade through the island slush.

Earn {total} Red Hearts, to gain goodwill in case you need it.

Gather {total} Wood, to make campfires. The island is cold at night.
quest 2 : Samples and Signs Mission

Collect {total} Sample Slides, to take back sample matter for analysis.

Gather {total} {rare} to make rolls of barbed wire and cordon off the island.

Gather {total} Oil so all the machines you take with you, run smoothly.q
quest 3 : The Mean Green Mission

Ask for {total} Machetes to hack away the thick greenery.

Build a Strike team, to explore the cave!

Collect from {total} Government Structures, to cover the expense of this island investigation.
quest 4 : Bat Attack Mission

Collect {total} Glow Sticks, to illuminate the pitch dark cave.

Use {total} Power-Ups in battle, because you have no idea what you’re dealing with and need the advantage.

Deploy {total} Tanks, to prepare for a possible land battle.
quest 5 : Super Soldiers Sighting Mission

Ask for {total} Omnidirectional Cameras to offer Seabolt a view of the cave.

Harvest {total} Pineapples because fruit will keep your energy levels high.

Repel {total} Invasions in Neighboring Empires, as practice for what’s going to be a huge battle.
quest 6 : Crush the Crystal Mission

Ask for {total} Handball Grenades to destroy the crystal patch.

Pillage {total} times. The spoils of war can be used to fund your own battles.

Fight the Super Soldiers and try to keep them down.
quest 7 : Monster Battle Mission

Collect {total} Tourniquets to temporarily deal with your injuries.

Complete {total} waves of Survival Mode, to boost your courage.

Fight the Super Soldiers. You must bring them down.
quest 8 : Magnetic Massacre Mission

Collect {total} Neodymium Magnets to defeat the Super Soldiers.

Use {total} Field Repair IIIs in battle, to counter the damage the Super Soldiers are dealing.

Fight the Super Soldiers again. You must destroy them.
quest 9 : Evil Dr. D’Vil Mission

Collect {total} RDX Explosives to destroy the power station, so no one can misuse it again.

Win {total} World Domination fights, to use up all that adrenalin in your system.

Win {total} Battle Blitz fights, just because you’re the bigger, better force.

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Comprar PIN Zynga Game Card

Coloque seu email onde receberá o código de seu Game Card. Verifique que foi escrito corretamente. Após enviado o código não poderá ser enviado a outro email.

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